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Follow the steps below to install Merlyn Origin for your district. Once complete, teachers will be ready to start using Merlyn!

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Signing the Merlyn Mind Customer Terms

Who can sign?

The Merlyn Mind Customer Terms must be signed for your organization by an authorized signer before setup can proceed.

If the terms were signed during the sales process, the installation admin will not be presented with a contract to sign. If you have a question regarding your contract status, please submit a support request.

Sign Now

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Select Organization to Sign For

Confirm & Sign

This should be the highest level that you want to authorize, for example, your district or an individual school.

If you sign at the district level, the terms apply to all schools within that district. If you sign at the individual school level, it only applies to that school, and separate terms will need to be signed for additional schools.

Once you select an org, please confirm that you are authorized to sign the terms for this organization.

If you’re authorized to sign, select “yes” to view the terms.  Read through the document fully and then sign.

If you are not authorized to sign, please select “no.” You will be directed to enter the email of someone who is. The person whose email you enter will receive the link and go through the same org selection and terms signing process. 

A Merlyn Mind Customer Terms must be signed prior to installation.


Upload User Rosters and Activate License Keys

Claim Your Organization & Add Admins



Go to the Management Console for Origin.



Claim the Organization

Search for your organization, select it from the dropdown, and click “claim”. You can choose to register the highest-level organization, and/or individual schools as well. This is for your own organizational purposes. Note that once you claim an organization, no one else can claim it. When finished, click “next” on the organization's page to move on to the next step.



Add Admins

You can add up to 19 additional admins who will be able to manage the devices and users for the organizations. Enter the emails of the users you would like to add. When finished, click “next” to move on to the next step.

Upload a Roster

Upload a roster diagram.png

Rosters grant permission for users within your organization to access Merlyn Origin. Upload a roster for each organization you have claimed to grant access to Merlyn Origin.



Download this CSV template.


Enter User Emails to Roster
Enter your user emails in the CSV as directed and save the template to your computer.


Add the Roster to your Org
Select and upload your completed CSV to the desired organization

Activate License Keys

The person designated as license key recipient during the sales process will be sent an email with the license keys. If you are unsure who this person is in your organization, please ask your director of technology or submit a support request

Select the organization from the dropdown to assign license keys. License keys may be split between organizations. If you do not assign all available license keys, they will become active, but will not be assigned to an organization until you do so.


School network allow list 

There are two tasks that must happen before Merlyn can successfully operate within your network infrastructure:



Please request that your Network Administrator implement the Merlyn Origin Allowlist to allow access to these Merlyn-provided cloud services for any devices Merlyn Origin is used with.

  2.png Merlyn Origin software uses port 3513 locally on each machine to communicate between the Merlyn Desktop App and Browser Extension. Please ensure this port is not in use by other installed applications.


Email allow list

Ask your email administrator to allow all emails from "" to ensure prompt receipt of teacher training materials and other important announcements from Merlyn Mind.


Teacher laptop and device setup

There are two required applications that will need to be installed on the end users' devices in order to use Merlyn.  

Each District has its own policy regarding application deployment, and we will work within your policies. You might be able to push the applications through a group policy or enable your end users to download the applications themselves by adding our URL to your allow list.


The following software must be installed on the teacher's laptop for Merlyn control.
Both software installations are required. 

Browser Extension

browser icon new.png

The browser extension is available for Chrome and Edge browsers.

Please be sure to verify their default browser is set to either Chrome or Edge.

Desktop App

app icon new.png

Direct download for Mac and Windows


Download from the Microsoft Store

*Please refer to this guide if your policy, security, or antivirus is blocking the installation.

*Districts within NYC: The Department of Education requires you to follow these steps to download the Merlyn application and browser extension.

For Windows installations, .exe file is recommended for users with admin privileges. With users with lower privileges, or for distributing to users with lower privileges, it is recommended to use the .msix file.

For MacOS installations, be sure to finish the installation by dragging the MMDesktop app from the Downloads folder into the Applications folder. This will not happen automatically as our app is not downloaded from the App store.

IT Admins, if you are planning to distribute our applications to PCs via MDM, please install the WinUSB driver located at the bottom of this page before installing the desktop application to ensure full compatibility. 


What's in the box

What's in the box.png

QR Code Sticker.png

The QR code sticker will guide users to this installation guide or to the Get-Started Guide for teachers. 

Connect the Merlyn USB Receiver 

The final steps in setting up the teacher's laptop are plugging the USB receiver into the computer and removing the battery tab from the remote.

Remote Batteries.png

Now, the teacher is ready to use their Merlyn!

If you have questions, please check the FAQs or send us a support request.

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