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Welcome to Merlyn, your AI classroom assistant!

Has your IT admin already set up your network and device? If not, first have them check out the admin installer guide to get started!

If so, great! You're ready to get going. Follow the steps below to get started!


Laptop and device setup

Download and install the desktop app and browser extension.

2.png What's in the box Make sure you have unboxed everything and plugin your Merlyn USB Receiver to your laptop. 
3.png Your Merlyn remote Check out what you can do with your Merlyn remote. 
4.png Desktop App Make sure the desktop app is open.
5.png Sign in Sign in to the desktop app using your school credentials.
6.png The Merlyn Menu Explore the Merlyn Menu to get to know what Merlyn can do!
7.png Can't find your remote? Lost your remote in a busy classroom? Find out how to find your remote! 
8.png Give it a try Step back and navigate, try voice commands, and see what Merlyn can do!
9.png Talk to Merlyn  See a list of voice commands, print out a copy for your classroom, and give Merlyn a try! 

Be sure to check out our Teacher Toolkit, where you can find resources, check out new features, and access support. gradient2.png

1.png   Laptop and device setup

There are two applications that require installation in order to use Merlyn. You may need to go into your Self Service Admin Portal to download the approved applications. If you have trouble downloading or installing any of the following software, please contact your district IT Admin for support. 


The following software must be installed on your laptop for Merlyn to work properly:

Browser Extension for both Windows & Mac browser icon new.png

This allows you to control your browser using Merlyn. Download the browser extension for Chrome and Edge browsers.

Please be sure to verify your default browser is set to either Chrome or Edge.

Desktop App for Windows app icon new.png This adds Merlyn as a background service to your computer to process voice commands. Download for Windows.
Desktop App for Mac app icon new.png This adds Merlyn as a background service to your computer to process voice commands. Download for Mac.

IT Admins, if you are planning to distribute our applications to PCs via MDM, please install the WinUSB driver located at the bottom of this page before installing the desktop application to ensure full compatibility.gradient2.png

2.png   What's in the box

What's in the box.png

Connect your laptop

Get started using Merlyn, your AI classroom assistant! Merlyn can automate your everyday workflows so you can focus more time and attention on students. 


Plug your Merlyn USB receiver into your laptop or computer to control it using Merlyn. Ensure the Merlyn Desktop App and Browser Extension are running and signed in on your laptop. If Merlyn software has not been installed for you, please see “Laptop and device setup” below. If you are a Mac user, you will see a message that the keyboard is not identified when you first connect the Merlyn USB receiver to your laptop. Simply press the “Quit” button to continue with installation.

You are now ready to use Merlyn to orchestrate your lessons!gradient2.png

3.png  Your Merlyn Remote

You can use the remote control to control your laptop and talk to Merlyn from anywhere in the classroom. To learn more and see what your remote can do view the remote guide.



Merlyn RCUU_Diagram.pnggradient2.png

4.pngDesktop App

Check that the desktop app is open before signing in. Navigate to the toolbar in the lower right corner, click on the upward facing arrow to reveal the hidden icons, and drag the Origin icon to the toolbar to pin it (Windows). Click on the Origin icon to open the Origin Desktop app.


5.pngSign In

MO Desktop icon.png  Login prompt.png

From your Applications (Mac) or Program Files (Windows), launch the Merlyn desktop app. You'll be prompted to log in where you will use your district credentials. gradient2.png

6.pngThe Merlyn Menu

Want to access Merlyn Chat, get support, or access other helpful tools?
Click on Merlyn in your system tray, press the orange button on your remote, or hold the microphone button and say “Open Merlyn.”

Ways to access the Merlyn Menu

2_MerlynMenuDesktop.png   3_MerlynMenuRCU.png

Overlay Menu.pnggradient2.png

7.pngCan’t find your remote? 

Click the Find My Remote button on the toolbar menu using your laptop or computer mouse. You’ll hear a melody that will help you locate the remote quickly so you can get back to teaching with Merlyn. 

Step 1 

Locate the Merlyn avatar to open the Overlay


On a PC

Locate the Merlyn avatar to open the Overlay.
Find the Merlyn avatar on your PC laptop in the Taskbar which is towards the bottom right of your screen.



On a Mac

The Merlyn avatar is located in the menu bar in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 2

Click the Find My Remote icon

Find Remote PC.png Clicking the avatar will open up the Overlay. Once the Overlay is displayed, click on the remote icon to hear a chime.


8.pngGive it a try

2_NavigatePresentations.png 3_NavigateBrowser.png

Navigate presentations

Try using the Air Mouse to click and open a link in your presentation.

Navigate your browser

Try using the D-Pad to switch between tabs in your browser window,
or to navigate between slides in a presentation.

Suggested Prompts.pnggradient2.png

9.png   Talk to Merlyn


See a list of voice commands to use with Merlyn.

2_SearchYouTube.png 3_VideoControls.png

Try saying ”Search YouTube for videos about grasshoppers.”

Select a video with your air mouse and then try using commands
like “Enter full screen,” “Play video,” or “Pause Video.”


Merlyn Chat

Use AI to ask questions and get classroom-safe answers to engage your students.  Access Merlyn Chat by clicking the icon on your remote or in the Merlyn Menu.


Frame 2609397.png Frame 2609398.png

Talk to Merlyn

Delve Deeper

Press and hold the microphone button on your remote, or type directly in the text box.

View citations for the sources used to generate Merlyn’s answer.


Teacher Portal.png

The Teacher Toolkit

Visit the Merlyn Teacher Toolkit at to find user guides and educational materials, discover new features, send feedback, and get support. 


For more information see: 

Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us

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