Release Notes: 04/2024

Cathryne Hamsher
Cathryne Hamsher
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Check out the latest updates and improvements to Merlyn Origin.

Origin Desktop App v1.10.2 (04/30)

  • Prevent the chatbot from automatically reopening when the user closes it.
  • Clearer confirmation dialog explaining that Merlyn Origin functionality will not work after quitting.
  • Crash reporting improvements.
  • Shortcuts functionality description in the first time user experience dialog.
  • Added functionality to open bookmarks by using voice commands.
  • Added a loading splash screen to show Merlyn Origin is starting up.
  • Multiple reliability improvements.
  • Chat window reliability improvements.
  • Fixes chat window cut and paste keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added functionality to help the user discover "What can Merlyn do?"
  • Added a dock icon and menu to make the Merlyn application more discoverable on macOS.

Origin Desktop App v1.9.5 (04/10)

  • Fixed an error that prevented Windows 10 users from installing the desktop application.

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