Merlyn Origin System Requirements

Cathryne Hamsher
Cathryne Hamsher
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Below are the recommended specifications for running Merlyn Origin.


Operating systems

  • Windows 10 minimum version of 1709 & Windows 11
  • Intel or Apple Silicon Mac OS Monterrey 12.0+


  • Chrome (latest or long-term stable)
  • Edge (latest or long-term stable)


  • USB-A2.0 Port for Origin USB Receiver. Docks and USB hubs may be used.

Other needs

Browser extension

  • Available for Chrome and Edge

Desktop app

Batteries for remote control

  • 2 AAs

School network allow list

Before Merlyn can successfully operate within your network infrastructure, please ensure that:

  • Your Network Administrator implements the Merlyn Origin Allowlist to allow access to Merlyn-provided cloud services for any devices using Merlyn Origin.
  • Merlyn Origin uses Port 3513 on each machine to communicate between the Merlyn Desktop App and Browser Extension. Please ensure this port is not in use by other applications.

Email allow list

  • Your Email Administrator allows emails from to ensure prompt receipt of training materials and important announcements.

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