Release Notes: 03/2024

Cathryne Hamsher
Cathryne Hamsher
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Check out the latest updates and improvements to Merlyn Origin.

Origin Desktop App v1.9.4 (03/27)

  • Enhancements to the Teacher Toolkit
    • PrepTime AI is a new out-side-the-instructional (OOI) toolkit for teachers. It consists of a web portal that contains multiple tools.
    • Shortcuts allow Teachers to open websites or take a screenshot via a user-defined voice command or map it to a numbered button on the Origin remote.
    • Typed or spoken commands will evaluate intents (e.g. search on YouTube for X, Google for Y, etc) will now be appropriateness checked.
  • Desktop Application enhancements:
    • Updated tray icons for improved visibility.
    • Improved desktop application reliability.
    • New internal browser to improve reliability and reduce memory consumption.
    • Display usage recommendations on the Merlyn overlay.
    • Improved detection and handling of drivers due to operating system issues on Windows.
    • Detect incorrect macOS platform and notifications to download the correct application version.
    • Multiple fixes for an issue preventing some RCU keys from working when the keyboard is configured in languages other than US English on Windows.
    • Internal logging improvements for issue diagnosis.
    • Fix for sending metrics on app early shutdown to help flagging problems in users installations.
    • Improve the handling of multiple application instances to improve reliability, spcifically on Windows.
    • Fix multiple memory leaks on Windows and macOS reducing memory consumption over time.
    • Improvements on network session management to reduce network traffic.
    • Improvements to ensure that the application is not closed in error.
    • Show Windows taskbar icon so the application is more easily discoverable.
    • Bring the application to front when running multiple instances.
    • Fix incorrect logs directory in some cases on macOS.
    • Fix "login" button not working reliably in the user logged out notification.
    • Fix usage suggestions not displayed in macOS.
    • Show and hide timer fix.
    • Merlyn Origin desktop app will now autostart on user login on macOS.

Origin Desktop App v1.7.5 (03/19)

  • Make Windows taskbar icon always visible.
  • Added dialog confirming app closing when using the Windows taskbar icon.
  • Display the Desktop Application toolbar when trying to start a new instance instead of showing an error window.

Origin Desktop App v1.7.4 (03/12)

  • Updated displayed message when multiple active instances of Origin are detected.

Origin Desktop App v1.7.3 (03/07)

  • Fixed application memory issues resulting in very high memory usage, app hangs, and crashes when application is left running in the background for an extended time.
  • Fixes voice commands not working for users with Latin Spanish or UK English keyboards.
  • Fixes voice commands not working when multiple instances of the application is launched on Windows from excessive clicks to the application icon.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • On call support quality of life improvements in logging.

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