Why isn't my remote responding?

Rachel Robbins
Rachel Robbins
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Q: Why is my remote unresponsive?

A: The remote is unable to communicate with the USB receiver or the Merlyn Desktop App. 




  • Try unplugging and reconnecting the receiver to a different USB port. 
  • Try restarting the Merlyn Desktop App by:
    • Opening the Overlay and select “Account” and then “Quit”.  
    • Search your computer applications for “MM Desktop” and click on it to open.
  • Try re-pairing the remote. With the USB Receiver inserted into a USB port on the computer, press the following keys on the RCU to un-pair and re-pair. 
    • Press Mission Control + Thumbs Down for longer than 3 seconds to delete pairing. The red indicator light with flash to indicate pairing has been deleted. 
    • Press Back + 2 to start pairing with the receiver. The indicator light will flash blue to indicate paring was successful. 
  • If those steps fail, please submit a support ticket here or send an email to support@merlyn.org with your device ID.
    • To find your device ID: open the Merlyn Desktop App, click on the "Account" icon on the right, and then click on "About Merlyn Origin"

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