My extension is installed. Why do I see Merlyn Chrome Extension needed for browser control?

Rachel Robbins
Rachel Robbins
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Q: Why do I see “Merlyn Chrome Extension needed for browser control.”, but the Merlyn extension is installed?

A: The Merlyn Desktop App is unable to connect with the browser extension.


  • Make sure you are using Chrome or Edge browsers only. 
  • Wait 10 seconds, the message may appear for a few seconds while either the Merlyn Desktop App or Chrome are starting.
  • Check that no other Merlyn Chrome extensions or Merlyn applications are installed on the computer (such as Symphony Classroom).  
    • If so, remove the other extensions, then quit and restart the Merlyn Desktop App by:
      • Opening the Overlay and selecting “Account” and then “Quit”.  
      • Search your computer applications for “MM Desktop” and click on it to open. 
  • Check that you are logged into the correct Chrome profile and that the extension is installed by clicking the puzzle icon in the Chrome menu bar.
  • Try disabling and re-enabling the extension:
    • In Chrome, go to “Manage Extensions” and click the on/off toggle on the Merlyn Origin extension.

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