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Merlyn Origin Voice Request Guide

Common voice commands

You can save time by using voice commands to control your laptop as you teach!
Click the microphone button on your remote control to talk to Merlyn.  



Press "Let's Go" to download this printable guide.

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Voice commands showing the "🧰" symbol require you to be logged into the Teacher Toolkit.

Weather & Time

  • “What’s the weather today?”

  • “How is the the weather today?”

  • “What’s the weather like in London?”

  • “What time is it?”

  • “What is the time in New York”

  • “What time is it in Paris, France”

Volume Control

  • “Volume up”
  • “Set volume to 20%”
  • “Decrease volume by 50%”
  • “Mute” / “Unmute”

Search on
 Select Websites

  • “Search for algebra on Google”
  • “Search for videos about the Pythagorean Theorem on YouTube”
  • “Search for the Battle of Puebla
 on Wikipedia”

Merlyn Chat
Press the Chat button on remote

  • “Start chat” / “Close chat”
  • “Open chat” 

Quick Answers to Factual Questions

  • “Who was Cleopatra?”
  • “Tell me about the Bronze Age Collapse”
  • “How many cups are in a pint?”
  • “Where do pufferfish sleep?”

Mission Control
Press Mission Control button on remote

  • “Show windows”
  • “Birds-eye-view”

Set Timers

Set timer for any specified amount
  • “Set a timer for 2 minutes”
  • “Pause timer”
  • “Stop timer”
  • “Hide timer” / “Show timer”

End of Day

  • “Lock computer”

Chrome/Edge - Browser Control

Find files in your
 Google Drive/OneDrive

  • “Search my Google Drive
 for (name of file)”

Microsoft/One Drive

  • “Open Office”

Use common classroom websites

  • “Open Google Drive”
  • “Open Google Classroom”
  • “Open GoNoodle”
  • “Open Google Slides”
  • “Open Khan Academy”

Share with Google Classroom

  • “Share this with my class”

Use search engines

  • “Search for US Presidents on Google”
  • “Search for algebra on Google”
  • “Search for photosynthesis on YouTube”
  • “Search for videos about the periodic table
of elements on YouTube”
  • “Search for articles about climate change
on Nearpod”

Navigate browser tabs

  • “Close tab”
  • “Close all tabs”
  • Press left on remote
    • “Previous Tab”
  • Press right on remote
    • “Next Tab”
  • “Close the YouTube tab”

  • “Switch to the YouTube tab”


Control your browser

  • “Go full screen” / “Exit full screen”
  • “Scroll to the bottom” / “Scroll to the top”
  • "Zoom in 50%"
  • "Zoom out 100%"

Presentation Websites: Google Slides, Powerpoint

  • “Start presentation” / “Stop presentation”
  • Press Down on remote
    • “Next slide”
  • Press Up on remote
    • “Previous slide”


  • Press center on remote
    • “Play video” / “Pause video”
  • Press Left/Right on remote
    • “Jump ahead” / “Go back 1 minute” / “Full Screen”

Shortcuts  🧰

Reminders  🧰

  • "Remind me to..."

Sticky Notes  🧰

  • "Take a note..."
  • "Start a note..."
  • "Jot down..."

Breaktime  🧰

  • "Let's take a break!"
    Movement playlist Mindfulness activities
    "Let's move!" "Let's practice mindfulness"
    "Let's exercise" "Open mindfulness"
    "Open movement" "Let's breathe"
    "Let's get active" "Let's relax"
    "Start a movement activity" "Let's meditate"

Icebreakers  🧰

  • "Let's break the ice!"

Discussion Questions  🧰

  • "Let's have a discussion about..."


Miscellaneous Commands

  • How do you say ____ in language?
  • What is the French word for learning?
  • Tell me a joke.
  • What rhymes with octopus?
  • Define "exuberant"

💡 Need a hand? 💡

Simply say "Help" into your Merlyn remote to access all of our Help Articles!


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