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Find out what your Merlyn Remote can do.


Your Remote

Remote Anatomy 2.0.png

Can't find your remote?

Step 1 

Locate the Merlyn avatar to open the Overlay



On a PC

Locate the Merlyn avatar to open the Overlay.
Find the Merlyn avatar on your PC laptop in the Taskbar which is towards the bottom right of your screen.



On a Mac

The Merlyn avatar is located on a MAC laptop in the Menu Bar which in the top right of your screen.


Step 2

Click the Find My Remote icon

Find Remote PC.png Clicking the avatar will open up the Overlay. Once the Overlay is displayed, click on the remote icon to hear a chime.


Remote Use



Swtich betwen Tabs Diagram.png



Ways to use Merlyn Chat

Open Chat.png  

Find Chat

Using your remote

Press the chat button on your remote to start Merlyn Chat.

Through the Overlay

Access the Overlay, locate and click the Merlyn avatar on the Menu Bar (Mac) or Taskbar (Windows). This opens the Overlay. Click the chat icon to start Merlyn Chat.



How to Provide Feedback

Help improve Merlyn for all teachers

Offer instant feedback by using the thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons on your remote or on the screen under Merlyn’s last response.



Give Feedback.png


Browser Functions

Supported only in Chrome and Edge browsers with the Merlyn Browser Extension installed.


Switch Between Tabs, Scroll, and Select

The Directional Pad (D-Pad) can be used to switch tabs,
scroll webpages & documents, and play/pause videos.

Group 3465037.png Group 3465038.png Group 3465039.png

Switching Tabs

Use the D-pad right and left buttons
to toggle between browser tabs.

Scrolling on a page

Use the D-pad, up and down buttons.

Playing and Pausing

Press select to play and pause videos in the browser.





Calibrate the Air Mouse

Is your cursor out of sync with your remote? To recalibrate your Air Mouse, turn off the Air Mouse by pressing the cursor button on your remote, and point the remote to the center of the screen, and then turn the Air Mouse on again. The cursor should now
line up with your remote as you move it.



Remove the remote battery tab






Are Merlyn buttons not working?

Your remote may not be paired.

Pair my remote




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